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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Signing off..

Perhaps my last post here. ISB journey is done with. Soon our laptops will be formatted. So, for a (pleasant) change, will not be connected for a few days.

Great experiences, some awesome memories, some managerial tools & techniques, a body of theoretical knowledge, a few friends & some useful acquaintances and a job to look forward to - is what I take away from this place. Will definitely miss ISB after leaving it. To quote one of our profs, this is one of the few real temples of India.

The year's been both mindblowing & disappointing at times. This blog was register my states of mind as I do my MBA. I hope this also contributed in some way in defining the 'ISB experience'. Bharani, Vijay & others have done a much better job of writing about ISB life.

All the best to Class of '07. Fasten your seat belts. This one year will be transformational in many ways. Dont let others color your thoughts. Work hard & create your own canvas. ISB will give you all the colors you want.

As someone said - MBA is one great intellectual winetasting session. I can safely say that ISB is a near perfect host.

So long.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Go to market & Take charge..

That was Prof. Nirmal Gupta's parting message to us. Taking two of his courses has been a great experience. A coupla pics we shot after the class.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So, time to wind up...

Time to think about packers & movers, to calculate & recalculate EMI options, to start exchanging messenger id's, to prepare for probably the last exam I'll write. Last 11 & a half months have just flown by. In just more than a week, we'll be handed over that piece of paper signed by deans of ISB, Wharton & Kellogg. Paper which is supposed to be a testimonial of transformation what we've undergone, adorably called as 'Trauma Transformation' in ISB lingo.

Tomorrow morning is my last class. A few parties this weekend & next week maybe. A coupla dinner appointments with professors this term. & then, another MBA will pass through the gates of ISB. Am feeling more nervous than excited. Will I make a difference finally? Time will tell.

Life will be hectic right after ISB. Getting married to my sweetheart on 22nd of same month. Then will spend some time at home & then fly off to enjoy the Phuket beaches.
Job, joining dates, bosses, rat races, clients ... ahh I hope I can avoid em for some more time.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Elective professor of the year - Nirmal Gupta

Its official - Prof. Nirmal Gupta has been voted by ISB Class of '06 as Elective Professor of the year. 35% of the class (normalising for class strength) thinks so. For me, he is by far the best professor (both core/electives combined).

The 2 courses he takes - Marketing Implementation (term V) & Managing Markets (term VIII) are just AWESOME. In fact, by not taking his courses, you miss out on something special ISB has to offer. Immaterial whether it takes 1000 or 2000 points in Term V bidding - anyone with interest in Marketing (& btw how can any MBA not have?) HAS to take these courses. His rating for the two courses for class of '05 were 6.85 & 6.9 out of 7. Sometimes, the amount of takeaways from his single classes were more than some of the other entire courses.

Class of '07 would be lucky to receive a special pre-term session on 'How to prepare Case studies?'. He took a similar session for us in term V. We requested him to advance that to the start of ISB MBA so that subsequent batches could take maximum benefit from that session.
Class of '07 - Not everything which he will say in that session will make sense since you wouldnt have grappled with actual case studies then. Just make notes of what he says & try to follow it however much you can.

You can read his profile at :

A separate post later on why he rocks.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

When Ford Prefect becomes a consultant..

Wonder what if Ford Prefect were to become a hot shot consultant. Well, this is what his blog could look like....

PS: Got this blog link today in a fwd & couldnt help comparing that with Ford's inimitable writing style.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Almost Alums..

Thats how the mail from admin regarding Graduation ceremony schedule addresses us. The counter on Bharani's blog shows 36 days left for graduation. Have gotten so used to this lifestyle. No work pressures. Some self inflicted pressure of academics. More self inflicted pressure of placements. Actually, some have also inflicted upon themselves the pressure of utilising the facilities at ISB after they are done with placements. I am told that gymnasium, swimming pool & squash court are being swarmed by all those who gained signs of prosperity in the last one yr.

Anyways.. lots been happening. Most of the batch is placed. Some are playing tough & still fishing around for jobs to match their specifications. Georgie is paying a visit tommorrow. The campus looks like a high security zone. With all the national & intl media, this one will def be a great PR event for ISB too.

btw, the last term started. My fav prof - Nirmal Gupta is back. Hez taking the Managing Markets course (wiz a continuation of his Marketing Implemetation course in term V). His is the course in which I feel like putting in a lot of effort on preparing for cases up for discussion next class. One of these days I will blog about the marketing courses at ISB & my views on them. Marketing Strategy is another course I've taken this term. Its being taught by Prof George Day (Wharton). Sounds pretty interesting. & the hot favourite course on campus this term is 'Leadership Insights from World Literature' by Rajeshwar. Continuation of LDP stuff. Its a treat to listen from such a well read guy. Heard that hez gonna discuss Bhagwad Gita & Odessey today. Just going to his class & doing nothing but listening is enriching in itself.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

ding ding ding ... tringgggg

Got my first offer. With Analytics firm- Inductis. Decent offer. Am happy with it.
Placement Season looks good. Lets hope we break the records set by previous batches.
More later.