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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Two useful blogs.

Blog related to Software Product Marketing, Web communities & stuff alike.
I find the articles on Product Marketing particularly interesting. Its also a kind of an aggregator blog site with lot of related links.

Blog of a investment analyst in US who specialises in tech sector. This site has been listed by as one of the best in investing blog category.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Starting to find feet at B school ..

Life finally seems to be settling into B School ways. Getting up at 7:30 AM to attend classes or slogging for Econ assignment or fighting with the groupmates over marketing case is now becoming acceptable. Thats going to be the way life for next 10 or so months. & I am not complaining!

When I first came to this place, all I heard was that life would be hell. 1 yr MBA is not for weak hearted, blah blah blah. Dont think its that bad. Lot of it is hype. Ultimately it all boils down to simple things like managing your time well. There would always be people who would excel in acads, participate in extra cirriculars & not miss on the other learning aspects as well. Only thing is ... they operate at better efficiency levels. & I think a B School punishes you for not being efficient. Its not an option.

The part about ISB I am liking most is .. the sublime quality of faculty & the opportunities available to improve yourself.
Enough has been said about faculty already. I wouldnt harp on that much more but only thing I can say after 4 weeks here is that a great prof can make a difference between going over a subject & really liking it.
As regards opportunities .. the clubs activities & the talks by Biz leaders are best examples.
Clubs give you access to people who are also focussed on your area of interest. Obviously most people see it as an activity to improve the marketibility of their resume but if properly done, these activities will make one a better person I believe.
Regular talks are another interesting thing here. Every now & then some biz leader comes to share his insights about his career, company & Biz world in general. Yogesh Gupta, the CTO of Computer Associates came last week to share his wisdom about succeeding in IT industry. Today, Mr. Thierry Moulonguet, EVP & CFO of Nissan Worldwide shared his gyaan about famous turnabout that Carlos Ghosn & his team brought about at Nissan.Perfect example of globalisation. A Brazilian born manager turned around an alliance between a reeling Japanese automaker with a French company. He vowed to quit if Nissan didnt turn profitable soon !

We have a panel discussion tomm titled 'Do B-Schools add value?'
& it is being attended by Arun Maira of BCG India, IIMA's director & 3 other industry executives. These guys know more about B School education in Indian that anybody else. Would be interesting to hear from the horse's mouth.

Only crib in life now seems to be that this class is too competitive. When most of the class scores 90%+ in assignments, it does create a lot of peer pressure. & Frankly, I dont understand why everybody should be running after grades. Only the consults/I Banks look for grades. & 90% of class aint gonna be landing in a McK or a GS by any measure of imagination. Then why screw up the entire experience only mugging up & fighting for every single mark. There was a concern raised by one of the profs about purpoted honor code violation taking place for assignment submission (ppl are not supposed to collaborate to complete assignments unless mentioned otherwise). I dont understand this, when everybody realises that there is an incentive to break the rules or atleast a disincentive to follow the rules, how can violation not take place. Blame the Mck's & GS's of the world. I hope majority understands that one isnt a winner only if he/she bags a Strat Consult/I Bank job.

Anyways, must stop cribbing & accept this too as a fact of life. People will mug & raise the bar for others. :-

End terms in 9 days from now. I gotta lots of catching up to do. Will probably blog next after exams.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Diary.. May 16

2 weeks just whizzed past me .. Acads in full swing, Sec B - the GachiBulls (g)razing the footie & volley fields, club activities kicking off informally, intimation for GSB elections, lengthy Eco Assignments, lurking Stats midterm, etc etc etc.

Coming week looks much worse.

However, this weekend was slightly better off than last since we didnt have a case submission. 2 weeks into the course, I kind of reflected upon what I picked up (or should have learnt). Here's my take on 4 subjects this term, thus far:

~ Marketing: One which I am finding most interesting. No theory. Case based. Appreciation of importance of quants in marketing plans. Pretty close to real world marketing function.

Takeaways: How to prepare a case. Business Writing. Marketing is not all faff, it is a numbers backed function.

~ Fin Accounting: Been a li'l mechanical till now. Constructing financial statements & appreciation of accounting rules & concepts.

Takeaways: Interpreting the state of business of a company by looking at the major financial statements.

~ Statistics: 100% application oriented.

Takeaways: peek-a-boo into quantitative analysis that might go into finance subjects. Concept of Risk/Portfolios was extremely interesting. & yes, a s/w from SAS called JMP too. It does all the dirty calculations, draws fancy graphs & much more.

~ Microeconomics: Mainly theory. Most fascinating to read if only I had loads of time. Develops the economic sense behind phenomenon like Price Discrimination, Monopoly,etc. Now, I have a little idea of what goes behind those variable air fares or why telecom providers have a 2 part tariff structure. (Read: little idea :-) )

Takeaways: ummm in my opinion, not much thus far.

btw, I got a interesting viewpoint about the dilemma of advance prep for a class v/s reading post class. FinAcc prof says that learning comes from both self study+class participation. If you study in advance, understanding in class improves a lot & if you study later, self study becomes much easier. This seemingly obvious view can be appreciated by some lazy souls like me only. Others like Bharani are too smart.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Young Turk

Those who are familiar with a internet forum called would most probably know who Allwin Agnel or PG is. Well, he is gonna be featuring in the 'Young Turk' prog to be telecast on Thursday (12th May) at 10:30PM.
I aint gonna miss it.

updates from ISB .. loads of em.. later.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Curve is getting steep..

Thats learning curve. When you got to 'learn' 4 subjects like Marketing & Accounting in 1.5 months, its a no brainer that learning curve would be steeper than many of us are used to.
The profs from partner schools are great. & We have been told that better days are still to come. I wonder what would that entail when currently 3 out of 4 profs are from Wharton/Kellogg.

Personally, I am starting to enjoy the marketing management subject the most. It is good to learn although most cases deal with very high level decision making, a level which very few of us would initially break into.
btw, Scott Ward, the mark prof, mentioned a must read for anybody interested in HiTech Products marketing. He speaks about a 'Chasm-like' situation most hitech products face in their sales after intial period is over. Must read this.

Another thing which I found impressive is the swift use of tech in almost everything we do here. For eg .. a system called 'Blackboard' is used for acads. Everything from lecture ppts,to schedules, to assignments, to solutions , to grades , to discussions, et all.. are online - courtesy this system. The infra here does rock at all levels.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Rock n Roll time ...

Classes start today. The C's & P's of marketing were talk of campus y'day. Everybody sounds excited about their first case studies. Our study group too had a fairly good discussion about the case.

Saturday, it was Talent Nite. Kinda freshers' nite. Some good performances. Some took potshots at issues we had in last 2 weeks. Overall, mood seems to be starting to shift towards studies slowly, but surely.

Lemme attend this week of classes & then write about the 'perception vs (perceived) reality' of truly Global faculty.