MBA hummmmm....

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

ding ding ding ... tringgggg

Got my first offer. With Analytics firm- Inductis. Decent offer. Am happy with it.
Placement Season looks good. Lets hope we break the records set by previous batches.
More later.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

D day...

Finally its come. Mckinsey, BCG & Microsoft kick off the placements proceedings today. Am interviewing with M$ only. Lots of other firms lined up for next 7 days. Here's wishing myself & everyone at ISB very good luck for the placements. Hope I would have something to look upto the next time I write here. Till then.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2 very imp virtues..

Are Brevity & Simplicity.

& It requires so much practice, discipline & clarity of thought to appear concise & simple in your communication. Essential to cut through the clutter of messages which a consumer faces.

& Most certainly relevant to the battles that lie near.

Grademongers on prowl at the campus...

McK & BCG are the first ones to come out with their shortlists. 30 odd people in each list. Both lists look almost similar except the fact that McK is sorted on surnames & BCG one on first names. Hope a lot of (& different set of) people make the final cut. This time around, serious consulting aspirants have done good prep. & Anyways, not many people would like to compete with the deanlisters for other non-grade intensive jobs. btw, MC companies are awesome when it comes to marketing their companies & careers. Everything about their PPTs is so well executed. No wonder they end up inviting the most number of applications for their openings. Exception to the rule was this one of the top tier firms (many wouldnt say so actually). The presentation was totally pedestrian & principals sounded arrogant. Total turnoff. Many midtier IT firms did a much better job than them. But then again, they are an exception. Prolly, will fall off the prestigious list of MC firms soon.

Just about 2 weeks to go & lots of work to do. This is the last lap of the marathon. Many many runners are close enough. Lets see what happens.