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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Almost Alums..

Thats how the mail from admin regarding Graduation ceremony schedule addresses us. The counter on Bharani's blog shows 36 days left for graduation. Have gotten so used to this lifestyle. No work pressures. Some self inflicted pressure of academics. More self inflicted pressure of placements. Actually, some have also inflicted upon themselves the pressure of utilising the facilities at ISB after they are done with placements. I am told that gymnasium, swimming pool & squash court are being swarmed by all those who gained signs of prosperity in the last one yr.

Anyways.. lots been happening. Most of the batch is placed. Some are playing tough & still fishing around for jobs to match their specifications. Georgie is paying a visit tommorrow. The campus looks like a high security zone. With all the national & intl media, this one will def be a great PR event for ISB too.

btw, the last term started. My fav prof - Nirmal Gupta is back. Hez taking the Managing Markets course (wiz a continuation of his Marketing Implemetation course in term V). His is the course in which I feel like putting in a lot of effort on preparing for cases up for discussion next class. One of these days I will blog about the marketing courses at ISB & my views on them. Marketing Strategy is another course I've taken this term. Its being taught by Prof George Day (Wharton). Sounds pretty interesting. & the hot favourite course on campus this term is 'Leadership Insights from World Literature' by Rajeshwar. Continuation of LDP stuff. Its a treat to listen from such a well read guy. Heard that hez gonna discuss Bhagwad Gita & Odessey today. Just going to his class & doing nothing but listening is enriching in itself.


  • Congratulations pal...So Inductis, is it?

    By Blogger uRmad, at 1:12 AM  

  • Thanks Subbu. Yeah, Inductis it is for me.

    By Blogger Amit, at 7:46 AM  

  • I was searching for stuff by Po Brosnon and ur blog came up top spot.

    Since ur blog is about ISB let me say what i think of it,
    ISB -
    Lots of branding,
    Introduction lectures at 5 stars
    Association with top notch B schools - Prerogative of Rich,
    Bag packs of money to enter ,

    5 star amenties,
    Network Network Network
    Network more,
    Some rub offs from Thinkers , Faculties called Profs
    Network Network Network
    Netwrok more

    Lets spread inequality , Lets promote the divide, Lets join ISB

    By Blogger Simpu, at 11:25 PM  

  • sleeping Buddha, I suggest you wake up.. yes ISB has 5 Star facilities, yes ISB has influential thinkers in the form of world's best professors & yes ISB has a great network to tap into but then there is more to it. Only if you are willing to wake up & look for it. More than 75% of batch has financed 60%+ costs of education through education loans. Problem with you is perhaps that you are used to GoI subsidising your education at the cost of tax payers' money. If you want world class education, be ready to shell out world class cost for it.

    By Blogger Amit, at 3:22 AM  

  • Well said Sharma ji....couldnt agree with u more.
    if we indians want world class education then we have to change our mind set ...i guess study loans and stuff are still new to indians ,thats why the rant by mr sleeping buddha.
    times of mama/papa paying up dough for kids college education are things of the past.

    By Anonymous sardar of d-80, at 7:51 PM  

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