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Friday, March 24, 2006

Elective professor of the year - Nirmal Gupta

Its official - Prof. Nirmal Gupta has been voted by ISB Class of '06 as Elective Professor of the year. 35% of the class (normalising for class strength) thinks so. For me, he is by far the best professor (both core/electives combined).

The 2 courses he takes - Marketing Implementation (term V) & Managing Markets (term VIII) are just AWESOME. In fact, by not taking his courses, you miss out on something special ISB has to offer. Immaterial whether it takes 1000 or 2000 points in Term V bidding - anyone with interest in Marketing (& btw how can any MBA not have?) HAS to take these courses. His rating for the two courses for class of '05 were 6.85 & 6.9 out of 7. Sometimes, the amount of takeaways from his single classes were more than some of the other entire courses.

Class of '07 would be lucky to receive a special pre-term session on 'How to prepare Case studies?'. He took a similar session for us in term V. We requested him to advance that to the start of ISB MBA so that subsequent batches could take maximum benefit from that session.
Class of '07 - Not everything which he will say in that session will make sense since you wouldnt have grappled with actual case studies then. Just make notes of what he says & try to follow it however much you can.

You can read his profile at :

A separate post later on why he rocks.


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