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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Signing off..

Perhaps my last post here. ISB journey is done with. Soon our laptops will be formatted. So, for a (pleasant) change, will not be connected for a few days.

Great experiences, some awesome memories, some managerial tools & techniques, a body of theoretical knowledge, a few friends & some useful acquaintances and a job to look forward to - is what I take away from this place. Will definitely miss ISB after leaving it. To quote one of our profs, this is one of the few real temples of India.

The year's been both mindblowing & disappointing at times. This blog was register my states of mind as I do my MBA. I hope this also contributed in some way in defining the 'ISB experience'. Bharani, Vijay & others have done a much better job of writing about ISB life.

All the best to Class of '07. Fasten your seat belts. This one year will be transformational in many ways. Dont let others color your thoughts. Work hard & create your own canvas. ISB will give you all the colors you want.

As someone said - MBA is one great intellectual winetasting session. I can safely say that ISB is a near perfect host.

So long.


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